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Annabelle "Bee" Baumann

Comedian/Motivational Speaker/Author/Communication Guide

As a comedian, writer, motivational speaker, and interculturalist, I bring my perspective to the world, as do you! My first humorous self-help book "Gurrl, You Ain't Crazy" was published in 2020, and I have published more than half a dozen literary short stories and essays. The topics I explore as a humorist and stand-up comedian include German society, African American culture, and belonging. As a comedian, I have spent the last three years honing my comedy skills and now I teach comedy. The goal of my work is to nurture and inspire aspiring comedians. The course will move you out of your comfort zone and into a space of possibility, regardless of whether you are improving your speaking, presentation, or even small talk and networking skills. I am a motivational speaker, and I speak on Living your Legend and being a midlife beginner.

Episode 81: Pursuing Life with Humor with Bee Baumann

May 24, 2023

On this episode of Pursuing Uncomfortable, we explore the idea that creativity has no age limit and can be expressed at any time in life. Our guest, Bee Baumann, a nontraditional midlife beginner, shares her journey of disco…