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Brad Mewhort


Brad has a mission to prevent male-on-male violence and end physical bullying. In his adolescence, he was a victim of physical bullying and became an occasional bully himself. Over the past two decades, he has done a lot of work to heal from the personal impacts of these encounters with violence. Brad believes that men healing from violence and finding peace within themselves are keys to enabling humanity and all of life on earth to flourish. He wrote The Peaceful Man in service of this vision and as a means of helping men to embark on journeys of healing.

Episode 75: Pursuing A Non-Violent Path with Brad Mewhort

April 12, 2023

On this episode of Pursuing Uncomfortable, Brad Mewhort speaks about his experiences with violence as a young boy and the impact it had on his life as an adult. He discusses the cycles of violence and the societal systems th…

Guest: Brad Mewhort