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Melinda Hardin


Melinda Hardin is a well-rounded plate spinner who seeks out opportunities to inspire audiences. Her most recent experience of writing and launching her bare-faced memoir, Uneclisped has set her on an emerging path of impact with raw, genuine perspective that is both relatable and tangible for women striving to find their own comeback stories.

Melinda is skilled at holding up a mirror for others to discover and delve into their own shadows, giving them the hope and confidence to step into their own authentic light.

In a given week, you can find Melinda welcoming out-of-town guests to her downtown loft Airbnb, pulling on her boots to tour farms and property with prospective real estate buyers, soulfully belting out an Eva Cassidy cover with her band, The Pretty Goods, leading women to stretch physically on a yoga mat and spiritually through an enrichment group or sitting sidelines on the volleyball court or the soccer field to cheer on her daughters. Additionally, she rides shot gun with her husband Ben on a country road dreaming of their next big adventure or project.

She’s also a former booze enthusiast but now spends her days celebrating her sobriety, eyes wide open and all in on embracing every chapter of her life with purpose and vision. In Uneclipsed, she explores the “shadows” of her need for approval, the traditions of the fundamentalist religion of her girlhood, imposing relationships and expectations, and her addiction to alcohol. Although those are Melinda’s shadows, it’s easy for listeners and readers to find themselves within her story. She recounts with rawness, hilarity, and insight a life path paved with both the greatest joys and the greatest personal failures.

Episode 65: Pursuing A Healthy Spirit with Melinda Hardin

Feb. 1, 2023

In this interview, Melinda Hardin discusses overcoming a drinking addiction and how finding a more open and inclusive faith practice and community enabled her to heal her spirit.