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April 19, 2023

Episode 76: Pursuing Nightmare Success with Brent Cassity

Episode 76: Pursuing Nightmare Success with Brent Cassity

In the podcast "Nightmare Success," the host, Brent Cassity, explores the stories of people who have been to prison, their lives before, during, and after, and the strategies they used to overcome dark times. A key theme in the podcast is the difference between being a victim and being a survivor. The host argues that to move from victim to survivor, one needs to take agency in their life and recognize their power to choose and decide for themselves. Despite living in difficult circumstances, many of the people interviewed on the show found ways of making positive choices and taking actions that helped them change their lives for the better. One example of this is Brent, himself, a man who had it all but lost everything when his business failed. He hit rock bottom but did not give up. Instead, he found a new passion that gave him a sense of purpose, and he worked hard to turn his life around.

Another example of someone who made positive choices when faced with adversity is the man who started Honest Jobs. Having been incarcerated himself, he knew the challenges that ex-felons faced when trying to find employment. He took it upon himself to create a company that would place ex-felons in jobs and has since gone on to become the largest of its kind in the US. What distinguishes these people from victims is their ability to recognize their power to choose and make positive decisions, despite the limitations they faced. The host of "Nightmare Success" believes that everyone has the ability to be the boss of their mind, body, and soul, even when they are faced with difficult circumstances.

The power of choice and action is not just limited to those who have been to prison. Anyone can apply these principles to their own lives to achieve their goals. It is essential to understand why you are doing something and be able to feel that passion and motivation to succeed. Grit is also crucial in overcoming obstacles, and it is often those who refuse to give up who achieve their goals. To truly embody hope, purpose, and action, it is also important to connect with something transcendent that provides a foundation to do so. One does not have to be religious to engage in spiritual practices that promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Engaging in spiritual practices can give a person the strength and the foundation to make positive choices and take action.

In a world where people often feel powerless and limited, the stories of those featured in "Nightmare Success" offer a glimmer of hope. They show us that we can all make positive choices and take action to change our lives for the better. It is essential to recognize our power to choose and decide for ourselves and to understand that, despite limitations, we can still be the boss of our minds, bodies, and souls. By doing so, we can all move from being victims to becoming survivors who are capable of achieving our goals and living fulfilling lives.