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Episode 45: Pursuing Mental Health After Trauma with Betsy Rosam

After experiencing and healing from many painful experiences, Betsy realized that her mission in life is to help other women identify and heal from unresolved traumas that keep them in a stuck cycle so that they can thrive instead of just survive. Many women don’t realize they have unresolved trauma, as they move through their lives wondering why they are not as successful as they’d like to be. Betsy helps them identify the effects of their unresolved traumas and uses her extensive toolbox to help them heal quickly and easily, so they can get back to living a purposeful fulfilling life. Betsy has been known for "changing minds in minutes" subconsciously. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Certified Speaker, and Counselor.

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Website: Free quiz and Discovery Call https://betsyrosam.com/
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