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Episode 72: Pursuing A Happy and Healthy Life with Dr. Sanjib Nandi

Sanjib Nandi is a licensed, practicing pharmacist. In the last twenty years, he has lived in India and London, and today makes his home in the United States. Culling from the best that eastern and western medicine has to offer, Sanjib offers a bridge between the two, combining his knowledge of psychology, physiology, pharmacology, and the body-mind connection to produce a unique, simple and practical approach to healing and human vitality.

Sanjib wrote his first book called “The Man With Zero Talent” which will take you on a journey of self-discovery, filling your mind with inspiring stories, scientific realities, and key techniques for developing and manifesting your highest self.

Sanjib’s passion is to share his journey and help others live a healthy, fulfilling life. One of the ways he is living his passion is by founding LUVO, the first app ever to offer vibrational meditation. Our belief is that everybody, in some way or another is looking for health, happiness and success in the way they understand it.

He has also written the lyrics of “Rise from the Ashes’ and ten other songs which is in Spotify that spoke about the same philosophy and zest for life.

When not working, Sanjib spends his time, reading, writing, cooking nourishing and delicious cuisine, and deepening his bond with his fantastic son. He lives with his family in Wisconsin.

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