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Episode 76: Pursuing Nightmare Success with Brent Cassity

Brent Cassity is the author of the Book Nightmare Success: Loyalty, Betrayal, Life Behind Bars, Adapting, And Finally Breaking Free: A Memoir. He is a host of the popular podcast Nightmare Success In and Out. Brent was an innovative CEO of Forever Enterprises, a national company, which he grew from a regional company to operating in 22 states. He was recognized by the national media; TIME, CNN, FORTUNE, Forbes, WALL STREET JOURNAL, cover story of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT to name a few. HBO even did documentary The Young and the Dead that spawned the popular HBO Series Six Feet Under. Just when he thought he had it all, he lost it all and found himself standing at the Gates of Leavenworth to serve a 5-year sentence. What happens when your worst fear becomes your reality? He has coined the phrase “Nightmare Success” because everything you want is on the other side of fear. How did the one thing that Brent most feared…the one thing he said would never happen to him…happen? Brent is an engaging storyteller that has a real-life transformational story.

Brent describes his father as a larger-than-life character that he idolized. The Dad, living in the small rural town of Buffalo Missouri, became a D-1 basketball player, graduated number 1 in his law school class, and busted onto the legal scene winning televised cases. Then growing a business empire in his late 20’s and early 30’s. Brent wanted to be just like him. At 14 years old, Brent’s Dad is indicted for tax and bank fraud and goes to prison for 6 months. Showing second chances are possible, he lands on his feet growing a company that was saved by putting the ownership in his wife and sons names. Brent joins the company 10 years later and moves to Texas and builds the fastest growing team in the company. His Dad, Doug Cassity, turns over the sales and marketing to the young 25-year-old, so he can pursue growing what he loves stocks and investments in the insurance company.

Brent’s brother Tyler enters the company, and the brothers set out to revolutionize the way people remember a life with their innovative lifestories that could be viewed on touchscreen consoles of their loved ones at the cemetery. Forever Enterprises is born and the brothers are seen as the innovative pioneers of the funeral industry unaccustomed to change. They buy several cemeteries, but none are as well-known as Hollywood Forever that was bought out of bankruptcy. The brothers begin receiving national attention, but smoke begins to rise over the hills from regulators with the Cassity’s insurance company. Their Dad was known to push the limits into the gray area. Brent is asked by his Dad to be the voice and face of the company to go meet with regulators because his Dad is a convicted felon. A six-year investigation of the company ensued and 6 people were indicted including Brent and his Dad. Plea bargains were offered, and Brent was sentenced to 5 years and his dad to 10 years.
Brent is using his experience to make a difference with people who may have lost hope or do not believe a second chance is possible. Brent speaks to audiences about his 5 survival tools that are strategies that are helping those who are stuck or are fearful to take the next step forward. His podcast Nightmare Success In and Out interviews people who have been to prison. They discuss life before prison, life in prison, and life out of prison. These stories can be inspiring, sometimes sad, there is some humor, but hopefully the listener can come away with a nugget of something that will help them knockdown some of the prisons they have built up in their own mind. These real-life stories share struggles, obstacles, resilience and inspire hope for their own Nightmare Success.

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